The Third Entrance

Then King Zedekiah sent for Jeremiah the prophet and had him brought to the third entrance to the temple of the Lord (Jeremiah 38:14a NIV).

The title of this piece, “The Third Entrance of the Temple” would have made you curious; isn’t it so? Possibly yes.

The Third Entrance stands for a secret meeting between a believer and God’s messenger. Here the inquirer is Zedekiah the king and the messenger of God is the Prophet Jeremiah.

First of all there is a question to be asked. It concerns your future. You know that things on the outside are not looking good. You also know that God is demanding you to do something. But you are not willing.

Yet you would like to ask God about your future. It is not a genuine seeking because in your mind you have already decided not to go God’s way. The question asked is thus the first significance of the Third Entrance.

Secondly, there is the message. Even though your inquiry is not based on sincerity or love for truth, God still repeats His former message to you. God doesn’t change His purposes concerning you. Therefore God repeats His message.

Even though you may not like the message, know that it contains the prescription to save your life, the lives of your loved ones and possibly your business too. The message delivered is thus the second significance of the Third Entrance.

Thirdly, there are objections. The most important of them concerns false fears. You want to please people. Therefore you are afraid of them. When you think like that you forget that God is able to take care of you when you decide in His favor.

Your fear of people is just a lame excuse not to carry out God’s message. The objection that you raise is thus the third significance of the Third Entrance.

Finally, there is a call. The call to obey God. The messenger will tell you the consequences of not obeying God in clear terms too. So you are without excuse. The messenger will also tell you that God will manage your fears and save you out of them. Therefore the best possible option is to obey which is the final significance of the Third Entrance.

One last thought: No one has heard the conversation between you and God’s messenger. So now it is between you and God. Decide for yourself whether to obey God or not!

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