The Surging Sea Will Be Subdued

“They will pass through the sea of trouble; the surging sea will be subdued … I will strengthen them in the Lord and in his name they will walk,” declares the Lord (Zechariah 10:11a, 12 NIV).

The path of God’s restoration passes through the sea of trouble. Though the sea is vast and mighty, God demonstrates His power over it. He promises that the surging sea will be subdued.

Your path of restoration to God’s favor has to pass through it to let you know of His continuing care for you. He will subdue all those terrible powers that exercised control over you. When they are subdued before Him, you will know God’s mighty power on your behalf.

There is one thing though that you need to remember constantly. The sea of trouble in your life need not be taken as a sign of God’s anger. It can instead be a sure sign that God is bringing you back to Himself and to your future that God has promised.

Though God can bring you back without letting you pass through tough times, for purposes He alone knows He takes you through them. Among other things, it will help you realize in a meaningful way what it means to have God with you.

Another purpose of God is to strengthen you. As you look at the lives of God’s servants in the Bible, you will find that almost all of them were strengthened through the tough experiences that God caused them to pass through.

Strength in God comes through the process of passing through the sea of trouble. The surging sea shall strike terror in your heart. It can easily overwhelm you. But when God is with you, they will be subdued.

So when you pass through the sea of trouble do not focus on the surging sea, but on the outcome that God has planned for you. He will subdue the surging sea for you. And you will walk with confidence in His name.

Therefore you, child of God, passing through the sea of trouble; encourage yourself today with this thought: the surging sea will be subdued!

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