Because They Have Not Followed Me Wholeheartedly

Because they have not followed me wholeheartedly … (Numbers 32:11a NIV).

Half-heartedly following God is dangerous. It causes you to have puny (small and weak) faith. It cannot take God at His word and act on what He has commanded. I

t looks at obstacles and trembles in fear instead of looking at a big God and conquering it. It causes you to think of going back to old habits and ungodly ways of the past. It makes you talk discouraging words to your fellow-believer and cause him also to lose courage.

It leads you to the very edge of what God has promised; but will not allow you to enjoy what God has already given you. Finally, it makes you wander around for many years instead of reaching God’s promised destination for you in your life. These are the results of not following God wholeheartedly.

But is there a better way? There is. To know God means to follow Him. You cannot have a relationship with God and not follow Him. He leads and you are to follow. And there is a better manner of following. It is to follow God wholeheartedly.

Such followers look to God for their strength. They see giants of the land and say that with God’s help they can conquer them. They are focused on God and not on the obstacles that are in their way.

And such people are specially noted by God and rewarded. Joshua and Caleb were two such people who enjoyed the favor of God on their lives because they followed God wholeheartedly.

Following God is an exciting adventure. It is an adventure of faith. God always shows you a Promised Land. He wants you to get there and enjoy His blessings.

There are battles ahead for sure. And there are enemies to be conquered. But when you follow God wholeheartedly all this can be accomplished. You can ask, “How can I be sure about it?” Good question.

The answer is that God Himself goes before those who follow Him wholeheartedly and fights the battles for them. So, be encouraged today and decide to follow your God wholeheartedly.

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