Where the River Flows Everything Will Live

So where the river flows everything will live (Ezekiel 47:9z NIV).

The water flows from the temple. The Bible speaks of your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. And Jesus talked about streams of living water flowing out from within the one who believes in Him. He said that this would be fulfilled because the Scriptures say so.

Now it might be easy for you to see the connection between the temple and you, the Holy Spirit and the river that flows. Even though there would be a literal temple and a river in the days to come, these truths do have a greater spiritual meaning.

The first thing to note is that the river flows. It is not stagnant. There is movement. And it is a progressive forward movement. In earlier verses you will see that it is also a river that deepens as it flows.

Such is the mighty work of the Spirit of God. It begins small but continues to grow.

Secondly, you will find that the flow of the river brings along with it, life. Quickening of life within the heart of a believer is definitely the work of the Spirit of God. No amount of striving and straining after God brings life in abundance to the believer.

It is the work of the Spirit of God who flows like a river that brings life. So a believer needs to welcome the work of the Spirit of God in his or her life.

Finally, a river that flows brings a positive change. Think of the river teeming with life as it flows. Think of the people who will inhabit its banks. Think of how much their lives will be centered around the river.

These are lessons of life to remind us to seek after God in earnest. When you do that He will send the Spirit of God to spring up within you and flow out like a river; and wherever it flows it brings life.

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