But Lot’s Wife Looked Back, a Pillar of Salt

But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26 NIV).

The command was: “Flee for your lives. Don’t look back.” And Lot’s wife violated it. She thus became an eternal reminder to those who do not heed God’s warning.

It was disobedience on her part. But what might have caused her to look back? The answers to this question might help you prevent that backward look.

First of all, know that living in the midst of worldly lifestyles can influence you much. The life of a Christian in today’s world is made difficult by such influences. They overwhelm you. But you have to guard your heart against them.

Otherwise their influence upon you will be so strong that when the time comes to flee from the coming judgment you’ll be tempted to look back. So keep yourself unattached to such influences.

Lot’s wife might have been very much influenced by the worldly thinking of Sodom and Gomorrah that she was tempted to look back and thus disobey God.

Secondly, know that the coming judgment on this world is no joke! It is going to be real. The Christian needs to be very much watchful these days.

When God gives you opportunity to flee to safety, do so. Do not wait to see what is going to happen. The immediacy with which you act on God’s command does matter. If you wait to look back, then judgment will overtake you too.

Lot’s wife may not have taken God’s warnings of judgment seriously. She reminds us that we too have to be watchful to avoid judgment from falling on us.

Finally, a question needs to be asked: What if Lot’s wife had not looked back? She would have been spared and her presence in the family would have definitely been a positive influence preventing those unfortunate relations that followed.

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