I Desire to Do Your Will

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart (Psalm 40:8 NIV).

In this verse there is a prophetic reference to Jesus Christ’s passion to do God’s will (Hebrews 10:5–7). In fact, Jesus’ entire life was characterized by a desire to God’s will at all times and in all circumstances.

It is also to be noted that God’s will is always in tune with the Bible. And God’s law was always within the heart of Christ.

In this world, when Christians make a big fuss out of seeking God’s will; this verse helps you to understand two important components that help you understand God’s will:

The first one is a desire to do God’s will; and the second is a life shaped by the Word of God.

Now coming to the first element; it is this desire that is lacking in many. If you look at the lives of most Christians, they just have a desire to be happy, blessed, and active in the Church. But God’s will definitely, without any doubt, involves something more than this.

In fact, it involves a sacrifice of your privileges to move out to where the need is. If you read verse 7, you’ll find written, “Here I am, I have come.” Yes, in accordance to what is written here, Jesus came down from heaven. So the desire to do God’s will has to be expressed in action. So God’s will is not theoretical but practical.

Now coming to the second element; no one is enabled to do God’s will without having God’s law within his heart. Jesus’ life was fully in tune with God’s word; and therefore his entire life was an acting out of God’s will.

The practical lesson is that if you desire to do God’s will, then you have to saturate your life with God’s word. But many don’t have time for God’s word.

That means they are not very serious about their desire to do God’s will. For without being shaped by God’s word, no one can do God’s will. So drink deep of God’s word; then your desire to do God’s will, will be fulfilled.

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