Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near (Isaiah 55:6 NIV).

Opportunities do not last forever. Favorable conditions may not last a lifetime. So it is wise to understand that there are seasons when God is much more near than otherwise.

He is patient; and does not give up on His children so easily. Yet He will not wait forever. Who knows, God may have kept open for you the doors of heaven even till now!

In this uncertain world no one knows when the curtains fall on one life or the other. An earthquake, a tsunami, an accident, an illness or a terrorist attack might suddenly close the doors of life. Once it is closed you’ve no more opportunity to seek God.

Many laugh at these possibilities. But one look at the newspapers of the day would tell you in how many varied and unexpected ways life is cut off.

The mistake that people make even after knowing all this is that they keep postponing seeking God. They think that all these kind of tragic things occur to others; and will never even come near them.

So they feel no urgency in seeking God. They keep it for their retirement days. But no one knows what evil a day can bring forth!

Therefore be wise and warned to seek God now. This is the time when He can be found. God is ever willing to respond to those who are willing to seek Him. He is ever willing to hear the faintest whisper of a cry from those who call on Him.

In this complex world of technology and speed and knowledge and concrete jungles; isn’t it a comfort to know that God can be found by those who seek Him? Though God does not change; seasons do. So be wise to seek Him in this season while He may be found.

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