God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: `I AM has sent me to you’ ” (Exodus 3:14 NIV).

This name of God is a personal name. It is like Peter, James or John. It is written in English like YHWH and is pronounced Yahweh (In many English Bibles, YHWH has been rendered in capitals as LORD).

This name has been held in such high honor by the Jewish people that whenever they say it, they say Adonai (meaning Lord, another name used for God). They don’t say Yahweh fearing the violation of the third commandment which commands people not to misuse the name of God.

This name of God tells us some great truths about God.

First of all, it takes about the eternal God. He is always present. He is I AM. He always was, always is, and always will be. To Him there is no past nor future.

Everything happens in the present. In other words God sees and knows everything that has happened and is happening and is yet to happen; all at the same time. Therefore honor this awesome yet personal name of God.

Secondly, this name tells us about His unchanging nature. This is so important because of the changes that we witness in our present world. Man is so pressurized and confused and shaken up by the fast changes that is happening in society.

This creates problems because he does not have a constant reference point in life. Everything is changing for good or for bad. In such a chaotic world we can think of the great God, I AM, and be comforted and strengthened by the fact whatever happens, He changes not.

To conclude these thoughts let us reflect on the truth that this revelation of His personal and holy name is one of the greatest of all revelations given to mankind. So meditate much on this name.

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