God Will Surely Come to Your Aid

And Joseph made the sons of Israel swear an oath and said, “God will surely come to your aid, and then you must carry my bones from this place” (Genesis 50:25 NIV).

What a blessed thing is to leave this world by giving others a forward vision. Not only was this a positive vision, but it also included God and His plans for them. And it was no wish of fancy. Those were words of absolute certainty.

Definitely, Joseph’s faith at this point of time was fired by God’s promise to Jacob that He will bring them up from Egypt in later days. When God has promised, you can always look forward to its fulfillment.

It might be that the time is not ripe now for its fulfillment. But that is reason enough to look forward to the day He will bring it to pass.

Again, Joseph’s faith at this point was fired by God’s faithfulness in his life so far. He reflected upon the fact that God was with him so far. He also had understood that God had worked through his life eternal purposes.

And he knew that God will not leave midway something that He was working out. Even though his time had come, God would continue the good work He had begun. This gave Joseph confidence to speak about the future.

Finally, Joseph by giving directions about his bones was giving the Israelites a constant reminder. His bones would allow the Israelites to think hopefully about the future. It would be an outward sign to them that God would come to their aid one day. It will make them look forward.

The best lesson from Joseph’s final moments is that he made it a proclamation of faith. He made sure that others understood that God would continue to do His work among them and act when the right time would come.

Also, Joseph was able to give a positive vision that looked forward. What a legacy to leave behind!

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