Burden Will Be Lifted

In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat (Isaiah 10:27 NIV).

A day will come when every bondage in your life will be broken. What a relief will it be when the burden that drowned you in misery time and again will be lifted from your shoulders.

The victory will come even if the addiction to sin in your life seems to be very strong. The yoke shall be broken and you will be free because it is God who promised the coming day of victory!

But there is something you have to do to get hold of this victory and claim this promised deliverance. You have to grow fat. Therefore find your food in the green pastures of God’s word. Grow fat on this spiritual milk. And then the yoke will be broken!

Even though this is so, many try in vain to get out of the yoke that burdens them by struggling a lot. Their strength and struggle is not enough to break the yoke. Such efforts are in vain.

Even as people struggle for victory over sin, they often find the yoke growing stronger. This is the nature of sin. It increases the burden on those who practice it.

Spiritual victory and freedom never come by struggling. It will not come by daydreaming of victory. Instead it is achieved by growing fat by feeding on God’s Word. This is God’s key to victory. The burden will be lifted quite naturally, in fact quite effortlessly, as you grow fat!

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