Then They Forgot Me

I cared for you in the desert, in the land of burning heat. When I fed them, they were satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot me (Hosea 13:5,6 NIV).
Moving farther away from God is a process. Ironically, it begins at the time you experience God’s care. That means, a backsliding in Christian life does not begin with sin.

But sin, when it occurs, is an indicator that you have already moved far away from God. Therefore it is most important to note the process of backsliding and take needed steps and safeguards to prevent it.

A Christian needs to be on guard when he experiences God’s care and provision. These are times when you rejoice in God and in His abundant supply in your life. Such times of refreshing from God can be dangerous because it leads to satisfaction.

But satisfaction can lower your spiritual life. Your longing for God slowly wanes and then disappears altogether. But you’ll not be aware of this because God has given you plenty and you are satisfied.

Satisfaction naturally leads to the next dangerous level. That is pride. When the sun shines and there are smiles all around, the Christian tends to think that it is because he is righteous that God has done all these things for him. He thinks that it is his smartness or holiness or good deeds that God has rewarded by giving good times in his life.

Thus prides slowly leads him to think of himself independently of God. That means that he thinks, in his pride, that he is sufficient for all things.

That leads to the last step. If he alone is sufficient, there is no need for God. So, without the Christian even realizing it, he forgets God. But beware, a day will come when God will call this to account. Be careful therefore or you may be destroyed.

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