A Lying Spirit

Reference: 2 Chronicles 18:21

It is amazing to note how much lies are said today in the Christian world. This is nothing new.

As we look at the passage given above, we find how prophets of God spoke lies to gain the favour of the king. There were four hundred prophets who predicted success for the king of Israel in the coming war. But they were speaking their own words.

Then there comes a true prophet of God named Micaiah. The king had a complaint against him. It was that Micaiah never prophesied anything good about him but always bad.

At the same time the king acknowledged the fact that he is one person through whom they could enquire of the Lord. But the king hated him for telling the truth (see verse 7).

We also find Micaiah parting the curtains and allowing us to peep into the court of heaven where a drama was happening. God was asking who will entice the king to go to war and to his death?

Then a spirit came forward and said that he will entice the king and the means he will use to do so would be to put a lying spirit in the mouths of all his prophets.

So be warned. When the people of God refuse to listen to the truth, God will not hesitate to send a lying spirit in the mouths of his prophets.

We find a vast majority of preachers today in the Christian world coming together to predict success and blessings for the people as the lying spirit was doing through the mouths of the prophets for the king.

This is going to bring disaster on you, if you listen to them.

At the same time, even when a majority is speaking lies to you in God’s name, if you are someone who follows God wholeheartedly (like King Jehoshaphat of Judah who was present with the king of Israel that day), you will discern that these people are not speaking the truth (see verse 6).

This king sought God and followed God’s commands (see Ch. 17. Verse 4). Therefore he was able to see through the lies of the majority of the prophets.

Are you able to discern when prophets speak lies to you in the name of the Lord? If not, spend much time prayerfully with God’s Word, the Bible.

As king Jehoshaphat said, “First seek the counsel of the Lord.” Do not trust the majority even if with one voice they are speaking lies.
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