The People Who Know Their God Will Firmly Resist Him

With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him (Daniel 11:32 NIV).

Evil has its own ways of getting things done. Here it talks about an evil person who corrupts people through flattery. Nice talk which is insincere was, and still is, a method that evil men have used.

But note the point that those who got corrupted were those who already had violated the covenant. So, it is clear that those who turn away from God are those who get easily deceived by the flattering talk of evil men.

But it is also written about another category of people. They are those who know their God. This talks not about superficial knowledge. But it talks about intimate knowledge.

These kind of people are those who know their God. That is, they know who He is. They know His nature and character. That is they know that He is an unchanging God and He is holy.

And this knowledge brings a irresistible change within them: Since they know their God, they can easily spot anything that is against God. They can easily recognize the presence of evil even when it is disguised in charming talk.

They do not form part of the crowd but keep themselves unspotted from those who are being deceived. They know that knowing God puts them on a mission to stand boldly for what is truth.

This is what they will do. They will resit the man who promotes evil. It will be a firm resistance. Today, Christians need to exercise this quality for evil is on the increase. Through deceptive means and methods that look innocent, evil is being spread in the society.

To fight this menace, first of all, you have to know your God. That will give you the ability to recognize evil disguised in attractive coverings and also give you the boldness to firmly resist it.

This is your God-given calling for the last days. Remember, we’re just about to see the rise of the evil man prophesied about in this verse. Stay alert!

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