The Sovereign Lord Is My Strength

The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights (Habakkuk 3:19a NIV).

There are different sources from which we draw our strength from. Some find strength in the comfort and company of relatives and friends, or in the fellowship of their Church or prayer group. These all have their place in the Christian life.

But where do they draw their strength from? Is it not from the Lord? Wouldn’t it be great for you to draw strength from the Savior Himself? Think about it.

Make a habit of drawing strength from God. The best time to learn how to do it is during times of testings and trouble. Draw on His strength. You shall never forget that memory of His mercies which gave you strength.

One of the ways in which His strength is given is described here. He makes your feet like the feet of a deer. The deer is no strong animal like the lion.

Yet God has made its legs graceful and able to run fast so that it can bound up to the heights to safety quickly. The image of the deer is used here is to suggest that the strength is given to you who is weak.

And finally, it is God who enables you to go on the heights. That is a place of safety. It is also a place from where you can have a broader view of what lies below. From the heights you can see the valleys below the way God sees it.

You may have wondered before how to reach these heights. Once having reached there, as you look down you will know that the difficulties you had faced in the ground level had enabled you to draw strength from God.

That strength had enabled you to move on to the heights. Now the heights shall not make you dizzy for your depleted strength was supplied by God.

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