His Ways Are Eternal

His ways are eternal (Habakkuk 3:6z NIV).

Timelessness. That is what in human terms “eternal” means. We cannot think without hours and days and months and years. But God is not at all limited by our thinking. His ways are eternal. They are not bound by time.

To God our past, present and future is one long continuous present. He sees the end from the beginning. He knows everything about our circumstances. He is not knowing it as it is happening but He knew it from the beginning before days and seasons ever occurred on earth.

Therefore when our ways seem to lead nowhere let us remember that His ways are eternal. He sees all the paths that we take. And when we take detours and miss our way, take comfort in the truth that His ways are eternal. He will make all these paths take you to His desired destination for your life.

The best thing to do for the time being is for you to ask God to align your ways to His ways that are eternal. That prayer will help you to have God-given wisdom guiding you in the right paths. It will prevent a lot of heartaches in the journeys ahead.

It is also good to remember that when the best-laid-out plans collapse due to any reason whatsoever, God is not surprised. This is because His ways are eternal. His ways do not change when plans made in the time-bound earth collapse. He will still make those destroyed plans work out His will and pleasure.

Remember also to lift up your eyes from the circumstances surrounding you and try to see the eternal ways of the Lord. Otherwise the needs of the present hour will always occupy your heart to the full, so that you miss the glory of seeing His ways that are eternal working in your life.

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