Before They Call I Will Answer

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24 NIV).

Have you ever felt that the sky is like a bronze shield preventing your prayers from reaching heaven?

Have you ever felt that your prayers are falling into empty nothingness; reaching nowhere?

Have you ever felt no joy after you have prayed?

Have you felt being far away from God and no intimacy with Him in prayer?

If you have thus doubted the power of prayer, this promise of God is for you. Simply stated it means that no prayer of yours falls short of reaching God. In fact, it is heard even before you voice it in prayer. And it is heard while you are speaking it too.

Many times, you might be surprised to know, that God’s answer is sent your way even before you have asked anything in prayer. This is the power of prayer. More than that this is the caring heart of God.

Do not think that this promise is not true just because you haven’t seen the answer yet. At least a few times in life you might have received a letter which was delayed. The sender had sent it to you maybe a month ago.

But somehow it got placed in a different mailbag, probably traveled to different places but finally reached you. It was not the sender’s fault. But somebody else, failing in his duty and by mistake, created the delay.

See, God almost always uses human channels to send us His answers to our prayers. And all of us have some imperfection or the other. For example, lack of immediate obedience from the part of a fellow brother or sister in Christ, can delay the answer to your prayer.

It need not happen like that always. But such a possibility is pointed out so that you will not doubt the fact that God answers even before you pray and even while you are still speaking.

So do not yield to your negative feelings about prayer. Even when you feel no joy while you pray, He hears and answers!

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