He Will Not Falter or Be Discouraged

He will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on the earth (Isaiah 42:4a NIV).

With the Servant of the Lord, there is constancy to purpose. He has a purpose to accomplish on earth. And His entire focus is on the achievement of the same: It is to establish justice on the earth.

There is a lesson here for you who trust in His name. You should also be focused on what He is focused on. If you are not; you’ll be easily distracted by lesser purposes in life.

Even when you are focused on God’s purposes, discouragement can set in at times. How do you overcome that?

First of all, you have to look to the example of the Servant of the Lord. He will not falter or be discouraged. You can get strength by looking to Him. And also learn from Him.

He does not get discouraged because He is focused on the final outcome; the establishment of justice on the earth. Therefore you too have to focus on the final outcome of God’s purposes to tide over difficult times and discouragement.

You have to watch against faltering too. It refers to a weakening, and lack of confidence. Now, what enables the servant of the Lord to keep focused and not falter?

First of all, He is upheld by God Himself; for He has willingly become the servant of the Lord. And God was delighted in Him. Again God has put His Spirit on him. So it is a powerful combination.

All these are required in your life if you have to see God’s purposes fulfilled. You need to be willing to serve the Lord with a servant-spirit. You need to be upheld by God and He should delight in you.

Again, the Spirit of the Lord should be upon you. If these conditions are met, you will not falter or be discouraged till you see God’s purposes fulfilled.

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