This Is from the Lord

This is from the Lord (Genesis 24:50b NIV).

There is perhaps no other chapter in the Bible where God’s personal loving guidance is seen with greater clarity than in this chapter. When Laban and Bethuel had heard the story of how God had guided Abraham’s servant to Rebekah, they said: “This is from the Lord.”

Possibly we can say that times have changed. We can say that we need not have such guidance today because we can make decisions on our own. All these arguments are true.

But God has not changed. He still guides those who rely on His guidance in a very unique personal way. This is especially true with marriage. The thing we need to do to experience His guidance is to expect Him to do so and journey according to His directions.

One of the surest signs that God has worked in your life is when others (who may not have much personal knowledge of God) acknowledge to you the fact, “This is from the Lord.” For there is an unmistakable stamp and signature of God in His guidance.

This is not only evident in the final outcome but also in each step of the journey and the process that leads you to the person that God has kept for you. Everyone concerned will acknowledge that God has directed the whole matter.

Another point to be noted is the willingness of the girl Rebekah herself. When her family would have liked her to stay, she decided to go to Isaac immediately.

When God makes His child meet his match, there will be a willingness on her part to consent to the marriage without delay.

These are signs that accompany the approval: “This is from the Lord.”

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