Whoever Is for the Lord, Come to Me

Whoever is for the Lord, come to me (Exodus 32:26b NIV).

Going along with the crowd is always an easy option. But what if the crowd decides to forget the Lord and do as they please? What if this decision leads to sin? It is then that you should remember this rallying cry, “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me.”

Even when the crowd decides to do wrong, it is your decision whether to join them or not. It is true that the pressure from the crowd to join them will be immense.

But you can take a stand for God. There may not be many to stand with you. But God is with you and it is for His honor and cause that you have decided to rally behind.

If the stand is for God, then often it is also against those who have joined the crowd. Do not be surprised if your stand for God positions you against your relatives and close friends. For they may also have joined the crowd.

But the choice has to be made. Whether you will stand for God is the question, no matter who all are not with you!

Today, the challenge of rallying cry, “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me,” is heard loud and clear. Few listen to it. Still fewer respond to it. One reason is that sometimes leaders themselves fall prey to the pressure of the crowd to do wrong.

For example, here, Aaron gives in to the pressure of the crowd to make a golden calf and worship it. When leaders idolize anyone or anything other than the Lord, beware. They are trying to please the crowd and not the Lord. Then listen to the rallying cry and take a stand for God.

Finally, God sets you apart when you take a stand for Him against the pressure of the crowd. And He blesses you for it.

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