Send Some Men to Explore the Land

Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites. From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders (Numbers 13:2 NIV).

God sends us to explore only those things that He has already given to us. That means that even though it is not in our hands now, He has already decided to give it to you. It becomes a reality when we obey Him.

Only disobedience and unbelief can prevent us from inheriting what God has already decided to give to us. Let us always remember this principle found in His Word.

Then the question arises about exploration. Why do we need to explore if God has already decided to give. This is because we are limited in our vision. We are not often ready to take in the big things God has planned for us.

We need to have our eyes opened to the wonder of God’s planning for us. We need to see before we can often believe. It is because our faith is so weak at times. So God sends us exploring.

We are given a preview or foretaste of what is coming. It helps us be excited about the great things ahead. It also helps us to prepare ourselves for meeting challenges ahead.

But exploration is a task with a responsibility. That is why God chose the leaders to do it. It is a task of not just sight-seeing. It is a great responsibility of claiming the land given to you by God in faith. You see the land first.

But at the same time faith-filled explorers make that territory their own in their hearts long before they actually possess that land. This is because they surely believe the assurance that only what God has given He sends them exploring.

And this response is what pleases God. But if they distrust Him, then they perish. Therefore an errand of exploration is a serious responsibility.

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