God, Who Shields My Head in the Day of Battle

O Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, who shields my head in the day of battle(Psalm 140:7 NIV).

“Is the Bible really relevant to our times?” This is a question that rises in the minds of any sincere Christian at some point of his life. Entertaining such a question in your mind does not mean that you have only less faith.

It is a part of your growth as a Christian that you have such questions. Instead of being alarmed about such questions you need to trust God to give you the answers.

For example let us look at the question whether the Bible can speak to our needs with the above verse in mind. At first look, this verse might just seem a portion of the prayer of David, the warrior-king who lived around 1000 B.C.

It would also appear quite natural for such a person to be thankful to God for shielding his head in battle. Yes, that is the primary meaning of the text. Then what is its relevance to us? For we might neither be warriors nor part of any battle!

Before you dismiss this verse as irrelevant to our times, THINK AGAIN! Is not your head the greatest battleground today?

Are not advertisements directed to your hearts and thought? Are not the different political ideologies of the world trying to influence your thinking? Does not some corner of the World Wide Web (www) hold you in its evil grip?

If so, what part of your body is it trying to control? No need to think again! It has a vice-like grip on your mind, thought and emotions. And now, don’t you agree that your head needs to be shielded and protected. And don’t you know very well that you can’t do it on your own.

But take heart, the God of David, is the same then and now. The protection that David experienced for his head can be yours too.

Only realize that the greatest battlefield is your mind. And the best way to remain victorious in this battle is to prevent the enemy from entering in.

Pray along with David. For God is the One who alone can shield your head in the battle for your mind!

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