Seemed like Grasshoppers in Our Own Eyes

We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them (Numbers 13:33b NIV).

Inferiority at first sight! This is what happened to the majority of leaders who went to explore the land of Canaan. They saw giants there who were stronger and more powerful than they.

But was not their bigness made more big by the wrong vision the leaders had? Is this not what happens to Christians even today?

When God sends you exploring a new territory in life, He wants you to possess it. Otherwise He would not have sent you at all. But possession of new land in spiritual warfare is no easy task.

The primary need is have a right vision. If you see yourself like grasshoppers and imagine that others are also thinking of you in the same way, you are already defeated. If this is the attitude which you like to have in your Christian life, better stay at home. Why go exploring at all?

God needs men and women of right vision–Men and women who can look to God and see how big He is, and look at giants in the land and see how small they really are when they look at them through the eyes of God! To such people God gives His strength to go, conquer, and posses the land.

“Grasshopper vision” is really disbelief. It is lack of belief in God and God’s promises. It is disobedience. It is distrust in God too.

Added to all this is the wicked intention of your heart to go back to the land of Egypt, the land of slavery, from which God had delivered you. It is therefore being content with your past and its miseries.

The question is: “Do you want to see God’s awesome work on your behalf or are you going to be miserable in life with a `grasshopper vision’ ?”

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