Whoever Found Them Devoured Them

Whoever found them devoured them; their enemies said, “We are not guilty, for they sinned against the Lord, their true pasture, the Lord, the hope of their fathers” (Jeremiah 50:7 NIV).

When you sin against God you lose God’s protection on your life. You are then an easy target for the enemy. They fail not to devour then.

This is because when you sin you may be able to hide your sin. Yet its effect is seen in your behavior and conduct before others. You cannot hide that.

Then it is evident that you have forsaken the Lord, your true pasture. Without being fed from this pasture you are now weak. This your enemies understand. Therefore they gleefully attack leaving you wounded.

Your enemies will also furnish an excuse in dealing wickedly against you when you sin against the Lord. Though they know that what they are doing to is wrong they are not afraid to do it anymore.

Because they give the reason that you are suffering because of your sin and your own folly in sinning against the Lord. Thus thinking that they are not guilty in doing atrocities against you, they will multiply their wrongs against you.

It is sad to note that your enemies are more sure about the hope that your forefathers enjoyed with God. But you have forgotten Him. This does not mean that your enemies have faith in God. This also does not mean that they will never be punished.

But it does mean that sometimes the people of this world are more keen in discerning that something is wrong with you and your relationship with God before you even realize it. Therefore they attack because you have failed in your responsibility to God.

So, if people are gleefully devouring you, return to the safety of your true pasture.

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