Valley of Achor, a Door of Hope

There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope (Hosea 2:15a NIV).

There need be no doubt in your heart: God can create good out of the trouble you are passing through now. For Achor means trouble.

The valley referred to here is the place where Achan, a man who brought trouble on Israel by sinning against the Lord was stoned to death. And God shall put sin to death in your life. Thus shall He prepare the Valley of Achor to become a door of hope.

God does it by removing the root causes of sin in your life. Here a great deal of obedience to God is required from your part. For, you would have already identified that root that is causing trouble in your life. It is that one sin that is so much interwoven into your life!

God commands today to root it out for ever. And let its bitter memories be buried so that it be out of sight for ever. Then shall the Valley of Achor become a door of hope.

Thus the valley of humiliation, of trouble and defeat, shall become the initial point of your journey through the door of hope. And this hope does not disappoint because it is appointed by God Himself.

It opens up for you new opportunities; even those that were lost shall be restored to you. It shall cause a song to rise in your heart. Therefore prepare to leave the Valley of Achor behind and pass through the door of hope, now!

This is a sign of God’s tender mercy towards you. Now let this promise bring consolation to your heart. Let the past with all its sin and defeat be locked behind; never to be reopened again.

Leave the Valley of Achor behind. Let your eyes look ahead. Walk through the door of hope that God has opened for you!

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