Do Not Say, “I’ll Pay You Back”

Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong!” Wait for the Lord, and he will deliver you (Proverbs 20:22 NIV).

The message in this verse needs no explanation. It is crystal clear. Yet is it that simple when it comes to real life? Do we follow this principle when we are wronged? It need to be remembered that we need to practice this for it does not come naturally.

Let us look carefully at the verse. It says “Do not say!” That means we are not even supposed to say to the person who has wronged us that we are going to pay him back for the wrong he did to us. Why?

That leaves no room for God to work. You have already said that you are going to repay the wrong done to you. When you have already taken things into your hands you leave no room for God to act.

Therefore speak not thus. Be very careful because such words come out in a burst of emotion. Then our thinking is paralyzed. So when you are wronged better not speak lest you speak out such words.

The second step is to “Wait for the Lord.” That means that there will be a time-gap between the time that the wrong was committed and God’s action on the matter. Here comes the element of trust.

We are giving up our choosing of the time and manner of action. We are leaving it in God’s hands. And we trust that He will do best because He knows what is good for us in that situation.

It is better and best not to ask God to act in a way we desire. Let God act in His own way.

Then you can be assured that He will deliver you. The manner and method of deliverance cannot be foreseen. But the result of our keeping our mouths shut and waiting for the Lord when wronged against, is deliverance!

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