Now You Will See What I Will Do to Pharaoh

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh: Because of my mighty hand he will let them go; because he will drive them out of his country” (Exodus 6:1 NIV).

God is not taken aback by setbacks. It is we who get perplexed by them. We need to note that even in the midst of setbacks God’s purposes remain the same. And He will perform what He has promised.

Moses had to learn this lesson before He could lead the Israelites out the land of slavery. He, at God’s command, had asked Pharaoh to allow the Israelites to go to hold a festival to the Lord in the desert.

But Pharaoh refused saying that He did not know the Lord. That was not all. He increased the slave labor of the Israelites.

He asked them to produce the same quota of bricks as they used to. But this time they had to find their own straw. No straw would be supplied them. This increased their misery. They therefore spoke against Moses. And Moses complained to God.

Moses had met a big setback at the beginning itself. Yet God told Moses that he is then going to see what He will do to Pharaoh.

We need to learn here that God’s purposes will stand in spite of every opposition and setback. It will overcome every discouragement and every seeming delay.

The value of this lesson was that Moses was yet to see a ten-fold delay and setback in his attempts at delivering the Israelites. But this assurance from God that he will see God’s mighty hand make Pharaoh release the Israelites he could keep appearing before Pharaoh again and again with the commands of God.

Learn today that God will do what He has purposed. When setbacks come and troubles come, remind yourself of this that Pharaoh’s shall yield before the mighty hand of God. God’s purposes will stand. It cannot be defeated. God’s children shall be delivered indeed.

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