Through Your Own Fault

Through your own fault you will lose the inheritance I gave you (Jeremiah 17:4a NIV).

Let us face the truth. We can lose what God has given to us to keep as our own. His blessings can be lost.

This is a possibility. There is no advantage in pretending that such a possibility does not exist. But what we often do is that when it does happen and we lose what we had, we blame God or others.

But the Bible is clear about this. You can lose what God has given you through your own fault.

The Bible is also clear as what this fault is. The fault is nothing but continual disobedience to God’s commands. So when you continue in sin there is but one result–that of losing what God has given you.

Many people think that since there is forgiveness with God they can do as they like and finally tell God that they are sorry. But they forget that God is also a God of justice and wrath as He is of compassion and love.

There comes a time when He no longer will yield to the cries of those who continue in sin. Then you will lose what God has given you to keep and enjoy.

That means you need to be responsible with what God has given you. When God gives you something He also expects you to use it the way that He has intended. You can be fully assured in your mind that His way is best.

It is when we substitute our own ideas instead of obeying God’s directions that we end up losing what God has given us. Therefore it is now time to take stock of what God has given you.

If you have been misusing it or has neglected it, seek God’s forgiveness. For that you need to stop continuing to sin. As long as you continue to sin it is impossible for God to bless you.

Therefore stop sinning or else you will lose your God-given inheritance because of your own fault. May that not happen with you!

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