The Reason the Dream Was Given in Two Forms

The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon (Genesis 41:32 NIV).

We all need guidance. A Christian life is impossible without getting guidance from God. The topic of guidance is an area where lots of misunderstandings occur.

Many are afraid to trust God because they are not sure of God’s guidance. If you are one of them the above verse and the principle it teaches is of great importance.

This principle is that we should never confirm God’s guidance on any matter unless God confirms it in two forms. Here is one simple example to make it clear:

Imagine that you got a particular promise regarding your situation while reading your Bible. This promise seemed to leap out from the pages of the Bible and hit you with impact. You felt that God spoke to you. But wait. It is not time to act yet.

Now you went to Church the following Sunday. Then the preacher spoke from the Bible taking this promise as the text. Again you felt the impact of the verse hitting you strongly. That is God’s second confirmation. Now you can be sure that God is in this. You can act now.

Though what has been cited is just an imaginary example, it highlights the principle found in the verse above. We also need to remember that God places a high value on a two-fold witness to anything. This was clearly commanded in the Old Testament.

Therefore we can be sure that God will not violate His own Law. He will surely give you confirmation in two forms when you are seeking His guidance. Never be in a hurry to act.

Wait till God gives you confirmation in two forms. That will give you assurance that God has firmly decided what is to be done in your situation. Then you can also know that there won’t be any delay as God is going to act soon!

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