Hard Rock into Springs of Water

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob, who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water (Psalm 114:7,8 NIV).

Trembling is always associated with judgment. This is because judgment brings with it terror. Yet here in this Psalm the earth is called upon to tremble in God’s presence because He is a miracle-working God.

Yes, the miracles of the God of Jacob are awe-inspiring because He parted the sea as well as the Jordan River. They were miracles unheard of before. So it is appropriate that we learn to tremble in His awesome presence.

The mention of God as “the God of Jacob” should also bring us much consolation. It tells us that God works His miracles not just for exhibiting His power alone. But there is a higher purpose in His miracles. They are done to reveal His care for Jacob.

Here Jacob stands for the nation of Israel. Or in a larger sense it stands for all his children which includes you and me. That is a consoling thought. It is indeed comforting to note that God does awesome miracles as an expression of His care for you.

His care for you can take care of difficulties you are encountering at this moment. For that you need to look at what He did in the past for Jacob. He turned the rock into a pool. He also turned the hard rock into springs of water.

The rock being a hard substance can mean for you a hard situation which you find difficult to handle. It might seem a closed situation where any possibility of it opening up for your benefit seems closed and sealed tight like a rock.

Yet because of His care for you God can and will turn the hardness into tenderness. And out of closed situations shall flow out life-giving water that refreshes!

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