I Am Concerned for You

I am concerned for you and will look on you with favor; you will be plowed and sown (Ezekiel 36:9 NIV).

This promise is for you who has suffered the mocking and insults of people when things had gone wrong with you. Your plans may not have had worked out. Then they had laughed at you and made fun of you.

And you were left alone with no one caring for you because they thought that you were not worth thinking about anymore.

Since that is what others thought about you and since they made you an object of their scorn; God is proclaiming to you today that He is concerned for you.

That simply means He is mindful of your pitiful state though people close to your heart might have forgotten you.

He is proclaiming today that He will look on you with favor. That means you are going to be given a V.I.P. treatment. You will be the object of God’s special affection for you are His child who has suffered scorn and ridicule.

Moreover God is going to start to make something beautiful out of your life once again. The neglected field of your life will once again be plowed and sown. Your field might be full of overgrowth and weeds now. It shall all be cleared; the ground prepared. And seed will be sown again.

The favor of God on your life shall produce a bountiful harvest. Even now He is at work in your life.

He remembers every word that was spoken against you. He remembers your pain and wounds as people attacked you from every side. But He does not wait for ever and watch His child suffer.

He is going to act now. He is concerned for you. He will look on you with favor. All this because others made you an object of scorn.

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