See the King in His Beauty

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar (Isaiah 33:17 NIV).

This is God’s great purpose for your life. There is no doubt about the final destination that you’re traveling towards to. It is heaven itself.

Yet the greatest thrill is not the “land that stretches afar” though you will see it. The greatest joy there will be to “see the king in his beauty.”

There might have been times when the clouds of despair would have clouded your vision of the king. Take heart, those days will soon pass. The skies shall clear.

And the Lord shall be revealed in a beauty and majesty that you cannot contain in your mind’s eye. The swelling joy, the rapturous wonder, the marvel and delight that shall overwhelm you at the sight of the king in his beauty defies all description.

So take your eyes off the pressing circumstances around you. Look up to see the king in his beauty. And when things keep going wrong around you, think of the land that stretches afar.

You’ll someday see it. It will be a place of broadness. You’ll move out to a place free from restricting circumstances. You’ll see it happen for you.

Many times you’ve been so taken up by the beauty of His gifts that you had taken your eyes of the king Himself. But now you’re going to see the Giver as well as the gift. It is a great lesson in life: To always keep in sight the beauty of the king. Then you’ll learn to enjoy the sight of the land that stretches afar.

First, it is always, the king in his beauty. And following it comes the sight of the land that stretches afar. On the one hand your heart expands to see the king in His beauty. On the other hand your land (circumstances) become spacious so that you see afar.

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