Seek Me and Live

This is what the Lord says to the house of Israel: ‘Seek me and live’ (Amos 5:4 NIV).

God’s message to you is very simple: “Seek Me and live.” You are left in no doubt about this. It is not religious experiences that you should seek. It is not places of pilgrimage that you should seek. But it is Him that you should seek.

The greatest reason for this is that God Himself is a seeking God. He seeks you; to find you and reveal Himself to you. God seeks you to show you the way of salvation. It is the way of life. When you respond to a seeking God by seeking Him; God says that you will live.

By seeking God you are partaking of the very life of God that overcomes death. It is not something that you wait for to gain at your resurrection from the dead.

It is that powerful principle that operates within you right now overcoming every principle of sin and death within you. You are enabled to experience the life of God within you now. This is why God is asking of you to seek Him now.

Seeking God is not a one-time exercise. It is an attitude of continual seeking that is called forth here. Seeking God is not like taking a lottery ticket and thinking it luck if you win it.

Seeking God is sometimes hard for you. You may have to set aside many of the things you love to do to find time and energy to seek God. That never comes easy.

It is because the principle of death found in many of the activities that you enjoy in the world will try to keep you away from a serious seeking after God.

But think of the fruit of your labor in seeking God. It is His very life flowing out to you in a surge of love!

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