Some Trust in Chariots and Horses, But We

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm (Psalm 20:7,8 NIV).

It always looks impressive to have numerous chariots and horses arranged in formation. In modern language chariots and horses could be translated as tanks and missiles. Because it can inspire a sense of confidence many nations place their trust in them.

However, on a very personal level, chariots and horses could be translated as wealth and riches, power and influence, even friends and relatives. The question is, where is your trust?

Or in other words, what is your source of confidence? Is it in God or is it in other things that you count on? There is no doubt that all these things have their value in life and they do come helpful in times of need. You need not underestimate their value.

But the question here is one of trust. Trust places absolute confidence in the thing or person that one trusts in. It is done so in the belief that your chariots and horses, which is your source of confidence, will not fail.

But no one denies the fact that all these things can fail you and disappoint you. You can never trust them absolutely. The sad fact is that many people do not know God enough to put absolute confidence in Him. But to you, who know God, He will be an absolute source of strength and confidence.

Of course, He does send chariots and horses to help you. But your trust is not in them, but in Him. This is where many stumble. They have one eye on God and the other on chariots and horses. It is half-hearted trust.

But those who trust in the name of the Lord our God; for His name is trustworthy, will rise up and stand while those who trust in chariots and horses will fall to rise no more!

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