That Night God Did So

That night God did so. Only the fleece was dry; all the ground was covered with dew (Judges 6:40 NIV).

Gideon stands here as a representative of all new believers. They are willing to believe and do what God wants them to do. But they just feel the need of some kind of reassurance.

And down through the centuries new believers have resorted to the method Gideon used to get confirmation that God would really do what He had already promised to do. This method asks God for some signs as assurance to take new steps of faith.

So Gideon first made a test with the fleece. His anxiety to know the result of the test is evident from the fact that he rose early the next day. And the whole ground was dry while there was dew only on the fleece as Gideon had requested.

Though his request was fully met, Gideon was still not convinced. He wanted an additional sign from God that He will truly deliver the enemy into his hands.

So, this time he reversed the test. He might have thought that he had made things difficult for God. He also asked God not to be angry with him for making one more test with the fleece. God did as he had asked.

God is not angry when new believers seek to strengthen their faith through such signs. Instead we find God, in His great love for us, encouraging us by meeting our conditions. It is a simple thing for God to perform the signs we ask. But it means a lot to us.

God sees it all as the need of an infant-in-faith learning to walk. When you have really learned to walk, you can go on to higher ways of faith, by taking God at His word and moving forward in the path of obedience and victory.

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