Train a Child in the Way

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it (Proverbs 22:6 NIV).

Training a child is very important. These are his formative years and what he learns in childhood is what he will follow till the day of his death.

Habits that are formed when one is a child remain strong till the very end. Therefore training given during childhood is very crucial in determining what he or she will become in the future.

In the modern world, so much emphasis is given to achieving success by any means. Unless the child is trained to aim for greatness by following the truths of God, he shall fall a victim to the pursuit of success by any means.

If parents desire the eternal welfare of their child’s soul, such a reckless pursuit has to be avoided at all costs.

What if a child is not trained? An untrained child is like a neglected plot of ground. Over the years, weeds will grow and spread in it. It will become the habitation of all evil creatures.

People will dump all their waste into this land. Moreover nothing productive will grow in this land because all the good in it has been used up by weeds and unwanted growth.

A trained child will be like a well-planned plot of ground, cultivated and yielding much fruit. There will be discipline in his or her life and there will be order and beauty and excellence in all that he or she does.

For achieving this result parents have to invest a lot of their time, energy and prayers during the childhood of their children. This is the wisdom that the Word of God teaches. Happy and blessed are those parents who take this to heart and train their children. The result of this will be joy and honor.

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