The Lord’s Good Promises Fulfilled

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled (Joshua 21:45 NIV).

This beautiful statement comes in the context of the conquest of the promised land. God gave the Israelites all the land He had sworn to give to them; and the Israelites took possession of it and settled there.

No enemy could withstand the victorious onslaught of the Israelites. And God gave them rest on every side.

We too are asked to rise up and cross the Jordan to conquer the promised land. God has planned a future for us filled with His goodness.

All His promises still stand true. But if we hesitate and waver in our faith, we will fall short of the goodness that God has planned for us.

God’s promises will never be taken away. They will always stand true. But to inherit the blessings overflowing from these eternal promises we need to claim them in faith and move forward.

If at all we find ourselves falling short of God’s goodness towards us, then know that the problem is neither with God nor with His promises. The problem always lie with us.

Lack of faith and lack of daring to step out into the unknown with God often prevent us from seeing the fulfillment of every single one of God’s good promises.

God has already done His part. The promises remain true for ever. But we have to claim them all in faith. And when we do so, we will find our every enemy fleeing and destroyed. We will enjoy rest on every side.

If at all we had failed to appropriate His promises know that God’s good promises can still find fulfillment in our lives and He will still lead us to the promised land.

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