Watch Not the Wind or the Clouds

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap (Ecclesiastes 11:4 NIV).

Many men live defeated lives because they are controlled by their circumstances. But a few live victorious lives because they trust in God and overcome their difficult circumstances.

We stand to lose heavily if we stop our pursuit to reach mountaintops of achievement because of unfavorable circumstances. The man who lives like that will never see any good in his circumstances.

He will always complain and never learn to try to use his negative circumstances as stepping stones to reach heights of glory.

What is needed is a change of attitude. Instead of letting circumstances control our lives, let us learn to turn circumstances for our good. Let us trust God and say that wherever God has placed me is the right place for me.

Whatever the circumstances I find myself in, let me say that it is for my highest good. Then the winds shall not frighten you nor shall the clouds dishearten you.

God’s message to us is to always move forward. “Onward, ever forward, march on to victory,” is what God is telling us. There is no need to fear circumstances. This is because God is in control of every circumstance. And He knows where best to place us.

Therefore God demands that we brave every difficult circumstance, press forward, climb barriers, jump hurdles and touch the tape at the finishing line. There is great jubilation awaiting you there.

So when you see the winds and clouds the next time, power yourself to top gear. These very winds and clouds are going to lift you to the skies of glory.

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