Slipping foot; Supporting Love

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O Lord, supported me (Psalm 94:18 NIV).

There is no one who wants to slip in one’s walk. Still more no one desires to slip and fall in life. Yet there is no one who has not slipped in their walk and in their life as well. Usually a slip happens quickly and you may not get time to prevent a fall.

Sometimes you are prevented from falling when someone nearby reacts quickly and supports you. This is exactly the picture the psalmist draws for us here. He felt his foot slipping. Things had started to go wrong. Then he experienced the support of God Himself.

But he was able to experience this support only because he had realized his need of it. This is very crucial. There are people who, it is quite obvious to others, are slipping. Yet they never admit that they have some problems that need to be sorted out. They maintain a closed attitude.

They never let their needs be known and they never receive any help from others. Sooner or later, they cross the limits before which they could have been helped. Their slipping leads to a giant fall. But had they reached out to someone for help, it could have been prevented!

So the first step toward recovery is to tell God that your foot is slipping. The second step is to open your heart to receive God’s love. Sometimes this is harder than you think. You might be blaming yourself for your slipping. The reasons for taking the blame on yourself could be valid enough too.

But to open your heart to receive the support of God’s love you need to be ready to hand over to God all the blame too. This is so because it is best to lean totally on the support that God provides while you are slipping. You need not doubt ; His love will support!

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