When I Found Israel, it Was Like

Reference: Hosea 9:10

This verse talks about the deep disappointment of God. The Israelites had showed great promise at the beginning of their journey with God.

God compares this to a traveller finding grapes in the desert. It would create a great expectation in the person’s heart about finding plenty more food and water in an unlikely place.

Have you given God a great expectation? What has happened to it today? Is God asking you whether you have forsaken your first love? (Revelation 2:4). God is here telling the Israelites that when he saw their forefathers, it was like seeing the early fruit in the fig-tree.

Remember how Jesus went expectantly to fig tree with much leaves. It gave Jesus the expectation there was much fruit in it. He was disappointed by the hypocrisy of pretending to be fruitful but having no fruit. Therefore he cursed the fig tree.

When you do not fulfil the promising start you showed in your walk with God, something dangerous also happens along with it. You cannot stay at one place throughout your walk with God.

Instead it has to be a walk in which you grow in holiness day by day. If you try to stay at one place in your spiritual journey, it is likely that you will fall.

This is exactly what happened to the Israelites. When their enemies found no way to defeat them, they resorted to another method. They seduced Israel through women and that play with sin ended up in their joining their enemies in idol worship. They became vile like the thing they loved says the Bible.

What is that you love today more than God? Where have you compromised? There is still a chance to return to your God. Why don’t you go back to God now?

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