The greatest command regarding obstacles in the walk of faith is: “Stand still.” This may not always necessarily mean doing nothing. But it means not to be frenzied in mind. Instead focus your mind on God who will deliver you with a great deliverance.

Next, a moving forward in faith is required. The waters of the flooded Jordan split as soon as the feet of the priests who carried the ark touched the water’s edge. Then the people crossed over on dry ground.

Similarly, the women who went to Jesus’ tomb early on resurrection morning were discussing about who was going to roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb for them. But that did not stop them from going forward. And they reached there to find the stone already rolled away.

Again look at the examples of these two men: David talked about how God turned his darkness into light, how with God’s help he could advance against a troop or scale a wall. Paul talked about the fact that he can do everything through Him who gave him strength.

Finally, obstacles are a problem with your vision. Ten of the twelve spies saw giants in the promised land and were filled with terror. For these spies saw themselves as grasshoppers.

On the other hand, the other two spies, Caleb and Joshua were able to say that God was with them and therefore they should proceed to conquer the land. History tells us that only these two of that generation set foot in the promised land.

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