God’s Call

The Bible is full of God’s call to individuals. Most of them were called while they were diligent and busy with their work. They were not only called but also shown what specific thing they were called to do in life.

And God also gave them strength, wisdom, courage, skill and ability to do what He had called them to do. He also granted them favor in tough environments to fulfill His call.

Jesus warned us that those who put their hands to the plow should not look back. If he does so, he is not fit for the kingdom of God. John the baptist said that a man can receive only what he is given from above. And in Romans it is written that God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.

The writer to the Hebrews says a man must be called by God to become a high priest and even Jesus did not take upon himself the glory of becoming a high priest. Instead, God said to Him: “You are a priest forever!”

The greatest call in the Old Testament was to separate from unbelievers; and love, serve and worship the only One and True and Living God with all one’s being. Along with that the New Testament adds the call to be fishers of men.

The connection is clear. Only if you obey the call to love God will you be enabled or qualified to obey the call of becoming fishers of men.

But then if you ask God, He will show you how to respond to that call. He will show you your specific area of mission. Along with this you need to remember that there is a time element in God’s call. There are certain times and moments in a persons life when he hears God’s call.

For example, Samuel was called when a child, but Saul (who became Paul) as a youth. But to hear it you need to listen like how Samuel listened to God or how Saul asked God what he was to do. Then you will hear God speak.

Samuel continued to be a judge, priest and prophet while Paul continued to be a tentmaker while preaching the gospel.

Two important things need to be noted about God’s call:

One, God never sounds an unclear call. His call comes in unmistakable, clear terms to those to whom it is given.

Two, it seems that no one called by God in the Bible was waiting to hear God’s call. Instead God initiated the call without their seeking for it while they were mostly engaged in their normal work.

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