Loved And Accepted Even When You Doubt

There are no Christians on earth who have never doubted. If there are any who have never doubted you can be sure that they have never grown much in faith. You see, doubt, is part of growth in Christian life.

The nature of doubt varies from time to time. Some doubts could be like this: “Does Jesus really love me?” “Is it possible for Jesus to really like me since I am such a wicked person?”

These kind of doubts especially come to persons who come from families and backgrounds where they craved for love and acceptance and never got it fully.

It can also happen to those who suffered physical and emotional abuse in childhood whose hurts have never healed completely.

Such people carry longings for love and acceptance and craving for emotional healing into the relationship with the Lord Jesus.

If you’re someone who falls into this category, don’t get discouraged. Don’t rely too much upon tokens of love from God; though He is more than willing to give them to you.

Start trusting Him even when you don’t see any outward expressions of love. He is patient with you. He waits till you learn to walk with Him even when you fail to see visible signs of His presence and love.

Be sure that He’ll love you all the way. You need not try hard to earn His love for you’re loved and accepted as you are.

For some others doubts come during the storms of life. They feel frightened by circumstances and often have the feeling that God has forsaken them.

When Peter walked on the water and then sank down after seeing the wind, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. He asked Peter:“You of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Ref. Matthew 14:31).

See, even when Peter doubted, Jesus reached out to save him. The same compassion Jesus will show you when you have doubts. He is always near!

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