Accepting His Acceptance

In Romans chapter 15 verse 7 Paul asks us to accept one another, “just as Christ accepted you.”

One thing that can hinder the walk of victory is the nagging doubt about God’s acceptance of us. Sometimes we are reminded about our past sins and our present shortcomings.

Then we feel unworthy. We feel that we are not good enough to be part of God’s family. Then the pressure on our mind increases. We find no peace.

There are some truths about God’s acceptance of us that we need to constantly meditate on:

Isaiah 64:6 tells us that “all our righteous acts are like filthy rags.” So there is no point in trying to gain God’s acceptance through some good deeds.

Jesus, in John 16:27, said that God the Father Himself loves us because we have loved Jesus and believed that Jesus came from God. So it is on the basis of our loving Jesus and having faith in Him that we are accepted by God.

John 1:12 states that all those who receive Jesus by believing in His name have been given the right to become the children of God. Once you trust Jesus, you are accepted as God’s child into God’s family.

This is what Jesus meant when He said in John 6:37 that all whom God the Father gives will come to Him, and those who come to Him, He will never drive away. That means you’re welcomed and accepted by God.

This is what Paul wrote about in Romans 8 saying that nothing will separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. This means that when God has once accepted you, it is an eternal and never-broken acceptance, which no power on earth or heaven will change or destroy.

┬áBe glad because you’ve been accepted by God–accepted now on earth and for ever in heaven!

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