I Have Set My Rainbow in the Clouds

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth (Genesis 9:13 NIV).

God has set His rainbow in the clouds! In the midst of the clouds of doubt and despair; see, there shines God’s rainbow. Yes, it is in the clouds that God has kept the beautiful rainbow.

When He sees it He remembers His agreement with you; that He will never again destroy all the earth in a flood. So, when you see the rainbow, rejoice. For God sees and remembers you. It is the sign He has set in the clouds.

The rainbow is again a symbol of a new beginning in life. After the judgment, there is given to you another chance to begin anew in life. So the rainbow is symbolic of God’s mercy extended to you to have a fresh start in life.

As the rainbow is a splash of colors that arch across the sky; God’s mercy is above and over you to give you colorful days ahead.

In His mercy, the unapproachable light of God’s glory has been split into colors that can be seen. The rainbow is thus an eternal reminder of God’s mercy in His relationship with you.

So when you see the clouds appear in your life and the light of the sun is cut off; and you panic, take a moment to see the rainbow. Though it appears that God has hidden His face from you; He is there. And the rainbow appears to tell you that He remembers you.

Therefore have hope. God is not over with you yet. That is why He has brought you safely through the destroying flood that ravaged your mind.

Remember that there is more to the rainbow than a scientific explanation that white light is split into the Vibgyor. It is a sign that God remembers you in a merciful agreement that will be in everlasting remembrance!

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