Go, Walk Through the Length and Breadth

Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you (Genesis 13:17 NIV).

Go! Do not keep on looking at what God has given you. Now you have got to move. But you will say, “Lord, let me enjoy the scenic beauty for some more time.” This hesitancy is not good. It simply reveals a lack of faith.

In other words you are not yet willing to take God at His word. To do what God wants you to do might imply risk–the risk of making a fool of yourselves before others. So stop looking at the land, and start walking.

This walk that you are commanded is not an idle walk for leisure. It is a walk with a purpose. It is a walk that makes a claim wherever you set your foot on.

Others may ask the reason for your walk. You need to boldly tell them that you are walking because you have believed in the words of Him who spoke the command, “Go!”

You need to start walking in faith; because the land is given to you as a gift. It is a gift and God is the giver. Yet you require faith to receive it because the land is not yet yours.

It is yours for the taking only if you walk in obedience to the command. Unless you believe the word that God has spoken to you, you cannot walk. So believe, and “Go!”

Now you may ask, “What does the land signify?” It is a good question. Here, God showed Abram the land that would become his in the future because he had moved out in faith not caring to know anything more than the fact that God had called him.

Likewise you may have moved out in faith in response to God’s call on your life. The land is God’s plan for your future. So, “Go, walk!”

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