According to Each Day’s Need

According to each day’s need (1 Kings 8:59z NIV).

There is much wisdom in this prayer . It asks God to hear the prayer of His people and answer it “according to each day’s need.”

Prayer therefore can be made for all kinds of needs; but the wisdom is to ask God to answer “according to each day’s need.”

Christians need to rediscover the secret of answered prayer. They need to realize that God has given man life to be lived one day at a time. It is when man thinks too much about needs that might arise in the future that he fails to see what God is doing today.

Many people feel dissatisfied because of this single reason. They fail to appreciate what God has already done this day.

A Christian should not fall into this trap which robs him of great joy in the Lord. He should realize that God would provide whatever he needs for the day. If that is done then what more do you need?

So in prayer you can ask for all the needs that you face. And you can expect answers from God too. But the wisdom in prayer is to have the assurance that God in His wisdom answers your prayer “according to each day’s need.”

When a Christian lives with this assurance others will note the joy that you have and the confidence in God that is radiated from you. This is a result of simple obedience which trusts God for daily needs.

In such a dependence is a loving relationship with God built. The best thing about this daily provision is that a Christian need not struggle hard to make it happen. He just needs to encourage himself with the truth that God provides for daily needs.

Of course, some learn this truth very quickly. Others take some time to learn it. But the lesson to be learned is the same that God answers the prayers of His children “according to each day’s need!”

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