He Killed the Egyptian and Hid Him in the Sand

Glancing this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand (Exodus 2:12 NIV).

This lesson from Moses’ life is of great importance to Christians today. It teaches us vital truths.

First of all, Moses did not inquire of God as to what to do. He acted on his own. So killing the Egyptian was Moses’ idea and not God’s plan.

Again, it was a plan that was thought up as a reaction to what he saw. Such reactionary plans cannot bring about the salvation of God.

Secondly, Moses pushed himself into leadership. The Hebrew people had not elected him as their leader nor had asked him to be their leader. Moses thought that he can become a leader by his own choice.

Possibly he might have thought that his own people would accept his leadership unquestioningly as he was brought up in the palace as Pharaoh’s daughter. But Moses had to learn that unless God calls someone to leadership he cannot wield any authority over people. So, leadership is a calling by God.

Thirdly, Moses’ plan was too small. Killing an Egyptian would never have solved the problem. He tried to empty the waters of the ocean using a small jug. He misread and miscalculated the entire situation.

The bigness of the problem was entirely overlooked by Moses. And he had no idea of God’s purposes in the situation.

Finally, when you make a mistake of this sort, your plans will also be buried in the sand. You’ll also have to move to hiding. This is usually called a desert experience.

It is a time when God moves you into obscurity, teaches you humility, prepares you for the work ahead, gives you His plans and calls you as a leader. So that by His grace He might bring you back to bring deliverance to His people!

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