Delight in the Lord, He Will Give Desires of Your Heart

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4 NIV).

This is a bold promise from God’s Word. It talks about our desires. We all have desires in life. But we often doubt whether they will be fulfilled.

One reason for the doubt is the wrong nature of desires that we have. If the desires that we have are not right, but spotted with evil thoughts; then there is reason to doubt its fulfillment.

But when the desires are right, people doubt its fulfillment because the desires are so big. They think that it is beyond God’s ability to perform. The answer is that God is bigger than our greatest desire and He promises to fulfill the desires of our heart.

But that is conditional. We have to delight ourselves in the Lord. Then He will give the desires of our heart. But what does “delighting in the Lord” mean? It means that we make God our chiefest delight in life.
Many approach God from a distance. They do not draw near Him. But God loves our company and likes us to spend time with Him. Remember, God delights in our relationship with Him.

What better test is there for a relationship than the time spent in each other’s company? So spend much time with God. Reading the Bible much and praying are two simple ways to keep in touch with God.

And during the busy moments of the day, take a few seconds to consciously remember God. If possible, send up a word of thanks for some simple thing like the beauty of a flower that God enabled to see.

Now when we spend time with God like that our desires naturally will fall in line with God’s desires and will for us. Then we lose sight of our desires and start to delight in God. And without any effort on our part we will see God fulfill our desires for us.

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