First Seek the Counsel of the Lord

But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, “First seek the counsel of the Lord” (2 Chronicles 18:4 NIV).

It is a sad thing to note that seeking the counsel of the Lord is the last thing that many Christians do. They do not think of seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in the decisions that they make.

But when things go wrong they rush to God to make some last minute saving measures.

Is there any need to run into unnecessary difficulties? To avoid these avoidable troubles there is only one way. It is to first seek the counsel of the Lord.

Seeking God’s counsel implies that we are depending on God. But there are two difficulties that present itself before us when we try to seek God’s counsel:

The first difficulty as evident from the Scripture portion in which the above verse is found is the problem of the majority voice that could be false. Well-meaning Christians can counsel you with great worldly wisdom and tell you that one kind of path will be right for you.

They do this solely from a worldly perspective. They lack the knowledge of God’s perspective. Here, King Jehoshaphat was able to discern that about four hundred self-styled prophets were not giving the counsel of God!

The second difficulty is the inability or the lack of humility to accept the right counsel given by a godly man. King Ahab knew that Micaiah was attested as a prophet of the Lord. Yet he was unhappy with Micaiah because he thought that Micaiah always prophesied bad things about him.

So ignoring the counsel given by Micaiah, Ahab went to war and perished. Jehoshaphat made a bare escape. He learned a lesson that day!

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