Holiness Adorns Your House

Your statutes stand firm; holiness adorns your house for endless days, O Lord (Psalm 93:5 NIV).

We live in days of tremendous and sweeping changes. These changes take place so quickly that what is popular today is outdated tomorrow. Nothing is here to stay. And there is no field or walk of life where change is not felt.

The winds of change are powerful and they blow with merciless fury. And our little boat of life is tossed upon the waves that they lift up. We look around for a safe harbor to anchor our little boat. But can we find it?

Certainly yes! But it may not be the harbor that you thought about. In these days when every moral standard is being questioned and every sin made to look simple and quite natural, it is not at all possible to find a steadfast, immovable rock on earth to which you can moor your little boat.

Yet we can look to the laws of God. They stand firm. They do not change. Whatever changes man might make to justify his foul deeds, the laws of God stand firm as the one and only standard that changes not.

These laws of God proclaim the holiness of God. This speaks of God’s awesome nature and character. To those who make God’s laws the standard on which they base their lives, God imparts His holiness.

Together with all who live so, the house of God is being built. And holiness will be its everlasting characteristic.

The world will continue to redefine and change moral values every passing day to suit their evil desires. But let us hold on to God’s unchanging laws and continually partake of the holiness that adorns His house!

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